After: Undead Wars


Released 09th April 2019

Available on Amazon for Kindle and Paperback


"I found a couple of fresh takes on zombies in this anthology. Nicely packaged with a variety of different voices." - 5 stars

About my Story:

The story, "The Package", was my chance to deliver something I hadn't written before - a badass group of soldiers with an existing rapport. Since it was a short story, I didn't have to spend thousands of words creating a relationship between characters when i could evidence it from the beginning.


It was fun to write and different to my mainline novels, giving me opportunities to try something new.

The Package - Retrieving a vital package from a war-torn and infected London was the easy part.


About the Book:

The infection has taken over the world, no one expected it to get this out of hand, there wasn't a plan for this. Now the undead are everywhere, zombies outnumber the living by thousands, so all everyone can do is try to survive ... the only problem is not everyone can live.


The following stories from the war against the undead include best-selling, award winning horror authors:

Caged Barbarians - Chuck Buda

A Cold Winter - McKenzie Richardson

A Transplanted Dr. Franks - Katie Jaarsveld

Bright of the Living Dead - Thomas M. Malafarina

Hunger - Jensen Reed

Unnatural - G.J. Stevens

The Package - Ryan Colley

What Happened to Emily? - C.L. Williams

Dying Days: Break Room - Armand Rosamilia

Punchline - Noel Osualdini

Are You There? - Samie Sands

The Hunger - Arnaldo Lopez Jr.

Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep? - Rick Eddy

Reanimation Lab - Sheri Velarde

Happily Ever Zombie - McKenzie Richardson

When the Cameras Stop Rolling - C.L. Williams

Teacher of the Undead - Alexander Bailey

Quarantine - Samie Sands