Among the Dead Part Three: Dwell In Unity


Released 22nd May 2020

Available on Amazon for Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and Paperback


"The author doesn't disappointing with another nail biting instalment." - 5 stars



About the Book:

My name is Sam and I am hundreds of miles away from my home. I have witnessed fellow humans, no better than animals, commit the most vile and depraved acts onto others. I survived but, eventually, everything takes its toll.

However, I do not have the luxury of wallowing in self-pity. I have people who need my protection. People I have saved from physical harm, and who will save me from mental harm. They gave me purpose. They gave me hope.

After all, hope is needed when the dead walk, people kill each other, and the ones you care about die. One positive was the start of the British summertime.

My apocalypse wasn’t one of blood and fire as promised by the movie industry, but of sweat and tears.



About the Series:


Among The Dead follows the young, self-proclaimed hero Sam as he leaves his family and the quarantined safety of his city: Bristol. He is searching for the love of his life, Alice, who he lost contact with. He doesn’t even know if she is alive but he has to believe everything will be fine.


The world was barely ending, yet it was already falling apart. The citizens of England are under a martial law, the Government acted like nothing was wrong, violence spread among the cities, and the dead were walking.


Sam will be faced with decisions he could never be prepared for; he will face questions of his own morality. Worst of all, Sam will realise he isn’t the hero of the books and video-games he thought he was. This is the real world. There are monsters walking the streets; living and dead.