100 Word Horrors 4


Released 28th December 2019

Available on Amazon for Kindle and Paperback


"Who knew that 100 words could evoke so much horror? This anthology is the fourth and personally speaking, the best. The authors in combination with the skills of Kevin J Kennedy, make this book a marvelous read. I read an ARC of this book." 5 stars

"Memory Stick by Ryan Colley. So so so creepy!! Don’t use random memory sticks!" – 5 stars

"Ride-Hailing by Ryan Colley. Another of my nightmares! I’ve only taken a Lyft once alone… never again" - 5 stars

About this Book:


A Drabble is a story of exactly 100 words. No more. No less. An amazing challenge and a lot of fun.


This book contains more than a hundred of Drabbles from a variety of authors - too many to list here! However, there are two in there from me.

This book is full of easy and fun reads. If you get it, totally recommend reading one a night until you're done.