100 Word Bigger Zombie Bites


Released 24th February 2020

Available on Amazon for Kindle and Paperback


"Such an awesome combination of tales. Loved the postcards at the end." 5 stars

"With some familiar names and some new, I was excited to read this collection. Despite their brevity, some stories are heart-wrenching, some horrifying and some leaving something in your mind that ... lingers." – 5 stars

"Enjoyed reading book 2 as much as book 1 in this series. A nice escape from reality into short Zombie biting tales some fire and humor. Liked the postcards at the end too." - 5 stars

About this Book:


Are you ready to read 100 word stories packed with zombies, the undead, zees, walkers, stalkers, ankle-biters, zeds, monsters, crawlers, draggers, rotters, geeks, the risen, stiffs, ghouls, or whatever else you want to call them? No matter their name, one thing is for sure, they are the reanimated dead coming to get the living to feast on their delicious brains!


We gave authors 100 words exactly to tell you stories that revolve around zombies and the humans fighting them to survive. We hope you enjoy this carefully selected collection of drabbles, or 100 word stories.


zombie drabble cover.jpg