Wait another 24 hours


Tom decided to wait another 24 hours before leaving. He could gather his strength, collect together supplies and plan his route. It could even give the few undead outside to move elsewhere, leaving him safe to move.

He took a backpack off one of the shelves and loaded it with a couple of bottles of water. A few tins of food went in, along with a can opener. A tourist map was laid out on the counter while Tom marked his route.

Tom nodded, satisfied with his plan. All he needed was a decent few hours of sleep and he would head out. He made himself as comfy as he could, using his backpack as a pillow and a travel blanket to keep himself warm.

The few hours of sleep Tom got were heavenly – it was the first time he’d been able to sleep for properly in days. However, it soon became a fitful rest as he awoke drenched in sweat and an orange flow illuminating the room.

Climbing to his feet unsteadily, Tom noticed how unnaturally hot the room was. He made his way to the window, trying to see what was causing the glow. What he saw devastated him. The buildings and the street were ablaze. Tom leaned forward to get a better look, only for his nose to burn when it pressed against the glass. He had to get out of there fast!


Tom scooped up his backpack and decided what to do next.