More Lore from the Mythos


Released 01st November 2019

Available on Amazon for Kindle and Paperback


About my Story:


I've always been a fan of Lovecraftian horror. There's something about the crawling madness of cosmic that strikes a psychological chord with me. You can't stop the evil from ending the world - you can only slow it down. Gives me chills.


When I was presented a chance to try my hand at writing something Lovecraftian, I had to give it a go.


My story "The Mines of Innswich" is an original story set in the Cthulhu Mythos whilst also lending itself to all that came before it. This was my love song to the work of H.P. Lovecraft.


Mines of Innswich - Inconsolable and wandering. A man is questioned about the impossible things he has seen in the mines of Innswich.


About the Book:


Fourteen fresh tales of madness and monsters from Fractured Mind Publishing that will leave you wanting more while you thank the Old Gods for the Mythos that inspired these stories.

The astounding authors that weave these new webs of madness include:

Everything That Was Before - Edward Morris
Little One - Valerie Lioudis
The Call - Aaron White
The Damned of Eldritch Creek - Jon Tobey
The Flood - Oliver Lodge
The Mines of Innswich - Ryan Colley
The Time Guardian - L.E. Harrison
The Wyrd Voyage - Kari Leigh Sanders
Last Orders - Dale Drake
The Maze - Charles Reis
Growing Just Beneath - Steve Van Samson
The Shed - Patrick Rahall
Sweet Oblivion - Michael Clark
The Gate Keeper - EV Knight