Of Mice and Men and Zombies


Released 16th April 2018

Available on Amazon for Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and Paperback


"Great mashup. Very enjoyable." - 5 stars

About the Book:


Have you ever questioned how Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck would have went if there was a zombie apocalypse as opposed to the Great Depression? Well, I did. What started as a fun personal project quickly escalated into something bigger.

This is a short novella, about half the length of an average book and does not fit into the Among the Dead series.

"Originally published in 1937 by John Steinbeck, reimagined and corrupted by Ryan Colley in 2018 for this satirical novella.

George Milton, an intelligent and quick witted survivor, and Lennie Small, a physically strong but intellectually challenged childlike individual, are two displaced ranch workers fleeing the apocalypse.

Forced to move from place to place, partially due to Lennie's misdeeds and mainly due to the undead roaming the land. They both search for work in a collapsing world in an attempt to buy their own corner of heaven where they will be safe together from the "Sick Ones" and "live off the fatta the lan".

For fans of the original novel, apocalypse fiction, or for those looking for something different."


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