Ryan Colley


I always enjoyed reading fictional worlds, but creating my own was always my passion. My Year 8 English teacher told me I should pursue writing after a short story I had written for a school project. I don't know where my love of zombies come from, but it just happened, and now it is my life.

Things changed and life moved on, but even while I was graduating from my Bachelors and Masters in Psychology, I still wrote stories and I still loved doing it. Writing is my passion, and everything else I do is a means for me to carry on with that passion.


I'm a big fan of apocalyptic fiction, and that is why my first attempt at writing seriously is a zombie series. However, I also love fantasy and Lovecraftian fiction - with plans to write a full length novel in each genre eventually!

I'm also prepared to move to a secure location at a zombie's notice ... If you've gotten this far, please leave me a review and message me; I love hearing what people think!

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Being featured in a paper publication was such a cool moment for me - especially when it arrived through my door a week later. When the Keynsham Voice called for an interview, I was absolutely buzzing!

One of my first steps during the early days of Among the Dead was messaging local Facebook groups to get the ball rolling on publicity. Bristol News was more than happy to accommodate.

ATD Bristol News.png