Undead Worlds 3: A Reanimated Writers Anthology


Released 04th October 2019

Available on Amazon for Kindle and Paperback


" I enjoyed the variety in this collection of works by mostly unknown to me authors." - 5 stars

"Til Death by Ryan Colley was pretty well played. I just loved that twist to the ending. I just assumed it would be a repast telling, Here's a zombie in a bride dress, this is how she came to be a zombie. It was so much more than that." - 5 stars

"I am not usually a fan of short stories, but these were perfect. Just enough to grab me, and let me go too." - 5 stars 

About my Story:

When Undead Worlds 3 was announced, I felt like I had to go big with my submission.  "La Petite Mort" in Undead Worlds 2 was so well recieved by so many people, I felt some anxiety regarding my next story. It had to be great - people were expecting it.

So, whereas "La Petite Mort" was set years into the apocalypse, "Till Death" was set only weeks after the first outbreak. It was a chance to do something different in a completely different time-frame while still in the Among the Dead Universe.

Till Death - Love, weddings and the Undead. What more could you want?



About the Book:

The Dead Have Risen! Get ready to Run! Hide! and Fight!

The Reanimated Writers are back with their flagship anthology, Undead Worlds!

This time we have 16 brand new stories from today's best in zombie fiction for you to dig your teeth into!

Check out these gruesome and action-packed stories inside Undead Worlds 3! Featuring stories from:

Never Give Up - Kate L. Mary
Origin - Jessica Gomez
Twenty-Three - Grivante
Shattered Pieces 
- Valerie Lioudis
Lonely - David A. Simpson
Twice-Dead Man - Justin Robinson
Three and Fish - Eleanor Merry
Till Death - Ryan Colley
Zeke the Zombie Killing Ninja - M.A. Robbins
Zombies vs. Bikers - The Rescue - T.D. Ricketts
Freedom - Michael Whitehead
Adverse Action - L.C. Champlin
Rapture - Jen Tyes
Blood - Vessel - Skyler Rankin
The Signal - Stephen Landry
Gilder - Kirk Withrow